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Spencer Brown

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Jill Service

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Shelby Gobbo

Spencer Brown P. Eng. started Brown Properties in 2016 and is a professional engineer holding a Civil Engineering Degree from Western University. Spencer loves land development and you can catch him looking for a new project anytime - with a smile on his face!

Jill assists with the construction and coordination of our projects. She's been a key piece to the team on every project, has a way of getting impossible jobs done, and is a great asset to the team. She's hardworking and can paint like DaVinci and hammer like Thor!

Shelby handles the back end operations of Brown Properties. She also manages our content and lends a hand in many other aspects of the business, whether it be painting a wall, sanding a floor, or making suppliers call for Mommy after Shelby has squeezed every last profit margin through an hour long negotiation. Shelby also holds a degree from Western University.

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